About Me

I was born on 11 December 1996 in Girona, Spain.

The first time that I rode a motorcycle was during the winter of 2000, it was a pocket bike and I liked so much that I asked for a motorcycle on Christmas that same year. When I was five years old I started practicing motocross and when I turned six I started competing in motocross.

I continued competing in motocross until I had the opportunity of trying road racing and competed in the Open RACC 70, where I won the championship. IT was at that moment when road racing began to be something very serious in my life and started to focus everything on this speciality.

All of this was accompanied of a strict education by my parents and thanks to them I could take part in road racing competitions. The studies were always above racing, if there were no good grades I could not keep on racing.

In 2015 I was proclaimed second in the World Junior in the Moto3 class with a very close ending.

I am now riding my second full season in the World Championship with Angel Nieto Team on a KTM.