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In these few lines I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and the path that led me to the World Championship, which was riddled with hard and difficult times, but also full of fun and wonderful moments I will treasure forever.

Bikes and sports have always been my life...

I was born on 11 December 1996, In Girona a village in Catalonia, quite close to Barcelona where I’m actually living. I really loved bikes since I was a child, every kind of sport in which you can feel adrenaline. Especially sports with two wheels powered by an engine.

The first time that I rode a motorcycle was during the winter of 2000, it was a pocket bike and I liked so much that I asked for a motorcycle on Christmas that same year. When I was five years old I started practicing motocross and when I turn six I started competing in motocross.

I continued competing in motocross until I had the opportunity of trying road racing.

Then I combined racing in both modalities. I started winning in the Open Racc 70. At that time, road racing began to be some- thing very serious in my life and started to focus everything on this speciality.

All of this was accompanied of a strict education of my parents (Manel and Nuria) thanks to them I can carry out my competitions. The studies have always been a must, that is to say, if there were no good grades I could not keep on racing.

Thanks to the good results obtained in the lower categories I could continue growing and advancing as a rider. Last November, winning two races in Ricardo Tormo Valencia’s Circuit, I was proclaimed as second on the World Junior in the Moto3 class with a very close ending.

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